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Environmentally conscious packaging:

‘Sending artwork both nationally and internationally requires protection, I use recycled and recyclable green bubble-wrap for sending orders. I will always send a note with my orders asking my buyers to recycle or reuse the bubble-wrap that has protected their order during delivery.
With larger artworks, I ensure pieces are fully protected for safe delivery, but I am always looking for greener alternatives. I reuse air bubble pockets and other pre-used bubble wrap that I receive from ordering larger items and art panels that would have otherwise been single use.

I use un-coated cardboard boxes to send all orders, these can be recycled after unwrapping. 


Being mindful of resin and having a more planet friendly process:

’Resin can be wasteful in the wrong hands, and sadly this has meant some people have a lot of misconceptions about resin, however, I want to reassure you that I personally use extensive methods to ensure the most minimal amount of resin possible is wasted in my artistic process, I do this in the following ways:

I will never create resin only objects; I create my artwork using thin layers of resin, and layers of other art mediums. I use resin as an art medium on wooden art panels and canvases and I will never create sculptural or melded items with resin.

I always have blank art panels or canvases ready to use any leftover resin on; if there are still small amounts of resin to use from the mixing cups or dripping from the main artwork, I will use this excess resin on the first layers of a new artwork, creating details and contrast on new work, building shadow layers or sealing artworks rather than creating waste.

From 2021, I began using paper cups to mix my pigments and colours, I scrape out as much resin as possible and I reuse the cups multiple times.

Before 2021, plastic cups were used, I have been reusing the same plastic cups in my studio for years now, I now use them for elevating artworks and artwork covers and will use these remaining cups until they physically cannot be used anymore.

Going forward:

Trials are beginning on card and paper-based packaging for UK orders, this will then be used for European and international orders. Once I find the most protective paper and card-based packaging, green recycled and recyclable bubble wrap will be used on a more limited basis.

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