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Frequantly Asked Questions

When can I expect my order to arrive?

If you will buy already ready Art dispatch times are currently 3-5 working days If you bought art for order lead time is 4-5 weeks , once your order is sent, I will send tracking information in the dispatch confirmation email so you can track your every step of the way.


Do you deliver to my country?

Yes! I offer worldwide shipping you can trust that your artwork will arrive safely no matter where you are in the world.

Bear in mind that you will need pay additional cost for your country, contact with me to confirm the total cost

I am based in the UK so UK delivery is free.


How do I hang my order?

Each piece comes ready to hang, with the art panel type written into the description of the artwork, all art panels are cradled, meaning they have an inset area on the back that makes putting artwork onto a wall very easy, you just need a secure screw in the wall.


Do you do custom orders?

If you would like a piece of art created specially for your home, in your choices of sizes, shapes, colours, click here or email with your request.


What happens when I order an original artwork?

Each piece can gets top coated with clear UV protective resin or matt, satin or gloss varnish after ordering, this gives the piece a luxurious professional shiny finish. This process is done after purchase to ensure the best finish and to avoid scratches while the piece is stored and waiting for a home. The edges of the artwork will then be painted the colour stated in the description, if you have a preference for the edge colours to better match your home, you can email and I can paint them a custom colour for you instead.

What is a resin top coat?

A resin top coat is when epoxy resin is used to finish an artwork for a shiny finish.

How do textured pieces look with a resin top coat?

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